Monday, February 09, 2009

Make a toy, make a difference

You cannot have escaped the awful news of the bushfires which have caused over 100 deaths in Victoria, Australia over the last 3 days. Whole towns have been destroyed, homes have burnt down, people have lost their lives, family members and friends. The worst thing about this whole tragedy is that the police think that the fires were probably started deliberately - how disgusting.
Do you want to do your little bit to help? Then please visit the toy society website. If you can make a softie/plushie/toy and send it to them, they will ensure that our toys get to those children who have nothing but the clothes they stand up in. A small, but important gesture that I'm sure will be appreciated. I'm making my monster today.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm planning to make something too. Such a horrific situation for everyone affected.

Lucy x

Moogsmum said...

Moogsdad's eldest brother and his family are just 15km away from the fires. It is such a terrifying situation.

Sewing a Rosy doll right now.


raspberry said...

I'll make something too, this is so horrid, it is the least anyone can do to help in some small way.
I'll blog about it later as well.

Kitty said...

It's horrendous isn't it? So awful :-( x

Juddie said...

thank you for posting about this from so far away. This has been so devastating for us all here in Victoria.

60% of the northern Australian state of Queensland has been subsumed by floods this week too; so much sadness fills the air, and there are so many people in need....