Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So many ideas, so little time! This is a possible new print design for my shop - I'm thinking that I'll let the customer choose the personalisation - here are just a few of mine as prototypes:

This is definitely going to make it into the shop:
I've had the samples back from the printer and taken the necessary product shots, so just need to edit and write up the description and they will be ready to go. Like I said, so many ideas, so little time!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

MATS bootcamp March submission

I've just submitted my final design (plus a couple of coordinates) to the MATS bootcamp gallery for the March assignment. Phew!
I decided to go with the original retro feel design, but went with the blue/green palette.
I've looked at this a lot, and I think I'm pretty happy with it but just need to step away for a few days and look at it again with fresh eyes next week. I'm looking forward to seeing the gallery again this month - there is some fabulous work going on at the minute, it's so inspiring. It's safe to say, I am really enjoying this design bootcamp.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

party party

In an attempt to push myself out of my comfort zone, I've been playing with some of my hand drawn sketches, which I scanned into illustrator, then hand coloured and made into a placement pattern.
It's very different to my original idea - a lot more fun and kid orientated. As a kid I only seem to remember having Jelly at a birthday party, so drew on this as my inspiration. I'm thinking stationery or gift wrap would be a good application for this design
I've still a few days left before I need to submit my final design to the bootcamp gallery, so still more time to play!

Friday, March 14, 2014

I don't think you're ready...

For this Jelly.
So the theme of this months MATS Bootcamp mini assignment is jelly moulds. I own only one vintage glass Jelly mould so grabbed a load of pictures of moulds from ebay and started sketching without much idea of what I was going to do with all these sketches. And I have to admit I wasn't loving the theme initially. The main assignment revealed that the application was bolt fabric - something I feel quite comfortable with so I worked up a jelly mould pattern, giving it a bit of a bold retro feel, again something I feel quite comfortable with:

But the point of me taking the bootcamp is that I push myself creatively, to try things that are not in my comfort zone. I have a whole bunch of other ideas and still a week left before submission deadline so will be working up a few more ideas too. Despite not loving the theme to begin with, I'm really quite enjoying it now, and can't wait to try out a few new (and a bit more uncomfortable) things.