Sunday, March 29, 2009

the cow that laid an egg

I honestly think that I am still a child. I just reside in a grown up person.
There are many reasons I still feel like a child, but evidence of this is one of my latest purchases, of this children's book called 'the cow that laid an egg'. An excellent story, but my main reason for purchasing was because I love the illustrations. Russell Ayto illustrated this book, here are some of my fave pics:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

feeling sleepy

Maybe I just haven't been able to catch up from the weekend, but I've been ever so sleepy this week. I've woken up every day feeling tired, and thinking that I just cannot wait to get back into my bed at the end of the day. To be fair, I do think this quite a lot. I love sleeping, being in bed, being cosy, pyjamas, pillow spray... what a bummer that the clocks go forward in the UK this weekend - this means one less hour of sleeping.
I woke up this morning with dry patches under my eyes, which meant my eyes just puffed up and I looked like a dragon. I have no idea how this happened, but it really made me feel quite down today, and as a result I had one of those days where I just retreated into myself, and wasn't particularly sociable. Isn't it weird that something so insignificant (in the grand scheme of things) can make you feel so crubbish.

Not much creative output has come from the sleepy monda household this week, just a little run of birthday cards - print and paper:

Monday, March 23, 2009

mojito mojito

This weekend was spent catching up with some old friends who I just don't see often enough. Many many laughs were had, cocktails were consumed, food was eaten, rock band was played, and not enough sleep was had - so all in all, a great weekend (although at the tender age of 33, I would have liked a bit more sleep!).
Anyone who knows me, will know that I don't actually drink very often - I'm a bit weird with drinks actually - I rarely have a hot drink, I drink lots of water, juice and squash, and when it comes to alcohol, there is not really that much that I like to drink. Mojito's on the other hand are a different matter entirely - oh yes, they are my drink of choice. This weekend I discovered a new mojito recipe which may just be the nicest drink I have ever had, so I had to find out how to recreate this drink - The Cucumber Mojito. Of course I've googled the recipe, and there seems to be a few variations out there.

Cucumber Mojito
In a high ball glass muddle together:
half a lime, cut into about 6 wedges
a teaspoon of caster sugar (or a shot of sugar syrup)
a couple of springs of fresh mint
a handful of crushed ice
then add a shot of white rum, and a shot of cucumber vodka and mix together
fill the remainder of the glass with crushed ice, and top up with soda water
dress with a sprig of mint, and a straw.

I've also found a recipe for making cucumber vodka - which I will definitely try.
and whilst googling, I found an excellent cocktail website, with lots of nice recipes including a passion fruit mojito if cucumber isn't your thing, and a recipe for making cucumber mojito's for a crowd. Give it a go - It's especially nice on a warm sunny day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

mothers day

Mothers day in the UK is this Sunday. This evening, a little late in the day I admit, I made a card for my mum. I've included all of my favourite things - using fabric scraps, stitching onto card, printed letters and paper. I hope she will like it - and that it gets there on time. I really enjoy making these little one off pieces. My mum keeps all the cards I've made for her - even the really embarrassing old ones which I don't like.

Thanks for all the comments on what to add to my cushions - it was a unanimous no no, as far as buttons are concerned - too much fear of button - face interface - I can totally see what you ladies mean, but it seems some appliqué would be acceptable so I'll get onto that soon.

I've just seen this ad on the TV, and had to share. It just makes me smile every time I see it. Genuis.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

red, white and blue

I'm really loving this red white and blue combo. I made this cushion last night - a very quick (read 'slap dash') affair where nothing was measured. I just cut, pinned and stitched my way along merrily. The back of the the cushion is some lovely soft cotton - our much loved old duvet and pillow case set. The duvet was so well loved, it had one little worn patch which was forming a hole, so my fabric stash got a boost and subsequently this cushion got a back. I'm toying with the idea of some red buttons to finish it off - or perhaps a little appliqué. What do you think? I have another 3 to make this week, and will choose slightly different fabrics each time.

My little valentines envelope and Amy's tutorial were featured on scrapscene recently. How nice!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Things are definitely springing around these parts. Yesterday we had a day out with my nephews here. It was a great day, mostly sunny with a bit of a chilly wind occasionally. The boys were very brave and fed the sheep and the goats from their hands, and on the subject of goats, I'm amazed how much goats cheese smells like goats! I suppose it makes sense really.
We saw a lamb being born, something I've never witnessed before. It all happened very quickly, and within a matter of minutes the lamb was up on it's feet getting some milk from it's mother - amazing really.

Today has been a glorious sunny day. Sadly I was at work - I do occasionally have to work at the weekends. Mr Monda captured some of the spring goodness whilst I was stuck indoors. We have a huge cherry tree right outside our house - in the last week it has just started to blossomThis next pic is of the new growth of a great little tree that grows in our front garden - a house warming present from my mum. It is commonly called a 'flamingo tree' and less commonly called salix hakuro nishiki. It has amazing foliage - which is sometimes cream, sometimes pink and sometimes pale green. The branches are always a reddy colour like flamingo legs, I guess.
The cats were also out enjoying the nice weather today, so they also got papped
There was just enough light left when I got home to take some inspiration pics for my latest little project I'm making cushions, but I do also fancy having a go at a strips and bricks quilt like the one featured in the April edition of sew hip magazine:Of course, all I need to whip this up is an extra few hours in each day. sigh.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

self maintanance

In the last few weeks, I have had quite a few trips to the doctor and hospital. This year I turned 33, and it has occurred to me that I really need to start taking care of myself.
I get run down easily, which in a way surprises me a little, as I do eat very well and try to get my vitamins and minerals from healthy foods but I know my big downfall is that I just don't get enough exercise, and I need to remedy this. I don't think I'm lazy but I'm just not compelled to exercise - I wish I was. I don't know what my plan is yet, but I know I need a plan.

What I have been compelled to do however is have a smear test. The thought of going through this process is not a nice one, but with the recent press coverage of Jade Goody - who is dying of cervical cancer - it really brings home the importance of being tested. Life is for living, and I want to do this, and not ever have to regret that I didn't because I hadn't been for a slightly embarrassing and mildly uncomfortable test every couple of years.
I also have PCOS - quite common, apparently 1 in 5 women have this, but I don't want it, because I'd quite like to have children and it's just a bit harder if you have PCOS. So I've had all manner of blood tests and ultrasound examinations to try and get a picture of how bad this is, and how best to treat it. Of course, healthy eating and exercise will help.
I have to say that I feel better, albeit mentally for the moment, for treating myself to an MOT. I don't need to spend any more time with all these things in the back of my mind - leaving more room for creative expression, in whatever form that may take. Today, it's a photo. Enjoy

Saturday, March 07, 2009


I've been awol from my blog this week. A combination of things have kept me away, but nothing massively exciting I'm sad to say, just the usual everyday stuff. I'm feeling much better now - the thorat infection is now happily yesterdays news.
As well as my day job, I've been having a stab at some freelance design work, and it seems to be going ok - sadly no pics of finished designs allowed though - here's a sneaky peek
It's starting to feel quite spring like around these parts. In the last week daffodils have started sprouting in and around the local area. It's this time of year, every year, that I think 'I wish i'd planted some bulbs in the winter'. I popped into a local food place on the way home from work last night and picked up 2 bunches of daffs for the house. They stared out on the kitchen windowsill - until some of them made their way to these glass bottles, which until yesterday were covered in dust in the deepest darkest back of a cupboard, filled with out of date alchopop! A quick wash and spruce up, and voilà. Pretty. Please don't look too closely at the windows - yes they do need cleaning!
I've got a lot on my agenda for the weekend but decided to take it easy today. I've been pottering around, taking pics, doing a bit of baking and catching up on emails and the like. A spot of homemade afternoon tea was in order - salmon and cucumber, and cheddar and marmite sandwiches, followed by homemade scones with jam and clotted cream. Drool worthy and ever so indulgent for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Perfect
Last weekend, I saw my sis and my nephews. My sis is a pretty clever lady in the knitting dept - she knitted hats for both of her boys and they kindly let me do a photoshoot - quite a miracle for little ones, as they usually try to yank the hats off the minute you put them on. This was hilarious actually, because they both laughed a lot during the shoot (I sound like a pro!) and the result of that was some really great photos. This is one of my faves, it just makes you smile doesn't it. They are such lovely characterful boys
This is turning out to be a post of epic proportions. Note to self - blog more often to avoid writing massive posts. Will I learn? Probably not.