Monday, March 23, 2009

mojito mojito

This weekend was spent catching up with some old friends who I just don't see often enough. Many many laughs were had, cocktails were consumed, food was eaten, rock band was played, and not enough sleep was had - so all in all, a great weekend (although at the tender age of 33, I would have liked a bit more sleep!).
Anyone who knows me, will know that I don't actually drink very often - I'm a bit weird with drinks actually - I rarely have a hot drink, I drink lots of water, juice and squash, and when it comes to alcohol, there is not really that much that I like to drink. Mojito's on the other hand are a different matter entirely - oh yes, they are my drink of choice. This weekend I discovered a new mojito recipe which may just be the nicest drink I have ever had, so I had to find out how to recreate this drink - The Cucumber Mojito. Of course I've googled the recipe, and there seems to be a few variations out there.

Cucumber Mojito
In a high ball glass muddle together:
half a lime, cut into about 6 wedges
a teaspoon of caster sugar (or a shot of sugar syrup)
a couple of springs of fresh mint
a handful of crushed ice
then add a shot of white rum, and a shot of cucumber vodka and mix together
fill the remainder of the glass with crushed ice, and top up with soda water
dress with a sprig of mint, and a straw.

I've also found a recipe for making cucumber vodka - which I will definitely try.
and whilst googling, I found an excellent cocktail website, with lots of nice recipes including a passion fruit mojito if cucumber isn't your thing, and a recipe for making cucumber mojito's for a crowd. Give it a go - It's especially nice on a warm sunny day.


Gina said...

Mmmmm... mojitos... wonderful!

Kitty said...

It sounds like one of those drinks that Billy Connolly describes as making you 'drunk from the feet up' - your head feels ok, but you can't walk! x

silverpebble said...

Now those look refreshing Monda. Thanks for the recipe!

Joleo said...

oooh I love a mojito -I'll miss them this summer. Not that I'm not drinking at all, but half a lager is probably the best option, so sink a couple for me next time you make them :)