Tuesday, March 17, 2009

red, white and blue

I'm really loving this red white and blue combo. I made this cushion last night - a very quick (read 'slap dash') affair where nothing was measured. I just cut, pinned and stitched my way along merrily. The back of the the cushion is some lovely soft cotton - our much loved old duvet and pillow case set. The duvet was so well loved, it had one little worn patch which was forming a hole, so my fabric stash got a boost and subsequently this cushion got a back. I'm toying with the idea of some red buttons to finish it off - or perhaps a little appliqué. What do you think? I have another 3 to make this week, and will choose slightly different fabrics each time.

My little valentines envelope and Amy's tutorial were featured on scrapscene recently. How nice!


Kitty said...

I think it's fab, I wouldn't do too much to it - just let the fabrics do the talking. I don't like lying on a cushion that then sticks a button in my face - I had some beautiful shot silk cushions with delicate buttons on. I had to take the buttons off because they 'dug in'. *blush*


Katy said...

Yep, I am with kitty on the buttons issue. I hate a cushion that when you accidently fall asleep on it you wake up with a weird imprint on your face.

But an appliqued birdy or 2? Now that might be a pretty little thing skipping across the patchwork?

silverpebble said...

Oh that's lovely Monda - and rather 'now' as it reminds me of the union Jack and red and white around at the moment. I agree with Katy and Kitty - perhaps not buttons, but a little applique on the dark blue panel would be lovely - a red bird perhaps?

Rachel said...

Your cushion is fab, I love that colour combo too. I think I would agree with the others - no buttons but a little applique would look sweet.

Gina said...

Very chic! Perhaps just a little applique?

emma lamb said...

really lovely monda, i wonder where you got the colour inspiration from...?

anyhoo, there's a bit of appreciation for your wee blog over at mine, no need to follow it up if you don't want to, i just wanted to let you know... :)


Anonymous said...