Monday, February 16, 2009

love letters straight from my... sewing machine

On Friday last week, I followed this tutorial over on the Lucykate Crafts Blog , and made a valentines gift for Mr Monda. I'm not really one for the whole valentines thing - but I quite liked the idea of making an envelope for my handmade card. I like the way it turned out (there is also our postcode stitched on the bottom too - but I fuzzed it out in the photo)For true authenticity I dropped it on the doormat before the postman came. The rest of the mail was delivered shortly afterwards and Mr Monda collected it, saw the handmade letter and just laughed at the genius of at all - what a perfect response.

I have a mountain of work to do this week (my second week off work). I was planning to paint our spare room/studio, but I'm not sure that I will have time. I made a to do list at the beginning of last week and have not managed to do nearly as much as I had hoped as I keep getting distracted by other things which were not on the list, but still need doing.

I have lots of blog fodder for this week too. I may just have to blog every day this week in order to cram it all in.


Kitty said...

Blog every day? :-O Crikey! Can't wait to see the fodder though.

I love your hand stitched envelope - it was a great tutorial from Amy.


Ali said...

Blog fodder! Love it - and your letter.

Gina said...

Love your letter... I made one too!

lucykate crafts... said...

the nicest part of doing a tutorial is seeing it being used, it's fantastic!

silverpebble said...

Oh I saw that at LKC - both versions are lovely! It's such a great idea and can be used from year to year.

Lovely pussy cat for the oz appeal too Monda. Brilliant,

Emma x

Moogsmum said...

I loved Amy's tutorial and your version is fab! No wonder Mr Monda was impressed :-)