Sunday, February 01, 2009

hello February, it's so nice to see you

It is mighty chilly here in the south of the UK. North of where we are it is snowing, and it is heading our way apparently. I love the snow - it doesn't really snow much here but I'm looking forward to seeing the smattering that we are forecast to get.

Despite the imminent snow, I have changed my wintry blog header from this:to this:I felt a change was needed - I've also made a few small changes to the rest of the blog too - an early spring clean if you will.

I've got a few commissions on at the moment - mainly for cards, but also for a softie, so I'm trying to work on these today. I've had quite a short weekend as I was at work yesterday. I do have 2 weeks off work coming up and aside from painting the spare room/studio I hope to have plenty of time to get back into making, designing and doing - something which I've done far to little of this year. My kitties and House projects are waiting patiently for me on my desk.
This is one of the cards I've made today. I enjoyed making this one - a birthday card for a little boy who will be one in a couple of weeks.Can I also take this opportunity to say 'goodbye January' and 'hello February'. Nothing against you really per say really January, but your February neighbour is just much more my cup of tea.


Kitty said...

I wasn't sad to see the back of January either ... hope he didn't let the door hit him on the **** on his way out ;-)

Love the new blog header - I change mine regularly - I get bored if I don't. And that card is beautiful, I'm sure the little chap will love it. x

lucykate crafts... said...

i love the new header, and it's looking very clean and tidy in here, ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon everybody,

Firstly,I would just like to say a big well done on all your cards, I think you are very talented to be able to make these. Keep up the good work! I love homemade Birthday cards, I think they add a little something extra, and shows the person you are giving it to that you have that extra mile. Only problem is that I have tried in the past to make my own cards, but they look terrible! But I think I may have come found an alternative! Thanks to my lovely friend Imogen, I have now found out about electronic greetings cards, (she sent me one whilst I was in work, there was no occasion - she just wanted to say hi!)But I thought it was such a good idea, I started to look into sending some e-Cards myself. I did quite a lot of research, and spent a lot of time looking at loads of different sites and I have found a really cool Free Happy Birthday Day e-Card site that I really like. This particular site has an awesome application where you can upload a photograph of yourself and incorporate it into your card. This is such a clever idea, and adds that personal touch, and as I already mentioned this particular site is totally free. I think e-Cards are definitely worth a try, they are not for everyone, but I am becoming a fan! Just wanted to share my findings! Hope you all find this useful, warm wishes, Nicole.

Helen said...

I like your new blog banner. It took me so long to do my last one I think it will be staying for the foreseeable future! The card is so cute too.

Moogsmum said...

I love your new banner - very cool :-)

I'm hoping, snow permitting, to finally get me to the post office tomorrow to send a little something on it's way to you!