Thursday, May 31, 2007

still on that monster vibe

I've made a few more over the last week - experimenting with the sewing machine and still doing a bit by hand. When I have built up a big enough collection I'll put them on sale.
Also I have bought some fab fabric (can you say fab fabric?) over the last weeks which has slowly been arriving by post - I'm a big fan of ebay and buy quite a lot on there. Here is a pic of some of my latest purchases.Additionally this months purchases have included 2 pairs of crocs. Where have these shoes been all my life? I never thought I would like any shoe as much as a flip flop, but these little beauties are a real treat for the feet - especially if you wore heels to work today like it did - bad move. You can get them online with free postage from this cool website called 'look at my crazy shoes'

Monday, May 28, 2007

monda's monsters

On a rainy, windy, bank holiday weekend where I should have been in the garden planting some of the plants and flowers I bought a couple of weeks ago, I have in fact been testing out my new sewing machine, making giant snacks, visiting family, climbing around a children's indoor play centre, and going monster mad! Here are a few more blockheads that have been made this weekend. The blue one with the spots was half sewn by hand and half by machine. He looks pretty cool, but I really do need to brush up on my machine skills. I love my new (old) bernina, although it does smell like a cross between an old ladies handbag and a dusty old box you've found in the loft (that has been there for the best part of 30 years). That said it seems to be sewing well so I'm pleased. There's still a few hours left in the day for me to crack on with the sewing machine, so that's where I'm off to now.
Another job of the day was to change the bedding. I rolled up the duvet at the end of the bed whilst the bedding was in the washer, and our little baby cat snuck in, and snuggled down.

Friday, May 25, 2007

more in the making

This is a couple I'm working on at the moment - hence the very unfinished look.
I finally have my long awaited bernina, but not much time to get going with it at the moment. Am busy making a 2 foot jammie wagon wheel for a charity auction in association with pimp that snack. Hopefully will get a bit more than just snack pimping done during the rainy bank holiday weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ohara and Clem

2 new family members today called Ohara and Clem, and also the gang hanging out together.

My sewing machine has still not arrived, hopefully I will get it tomorrow. This brings my sewing machine count to 4 now, but I think the Bernina may just be the King, and I might sell the others when it eventually arrives.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've been a busy bee

another member of the family - these things breed like mogwai. This one is for Finlay who has just moved into his new bedroom. Finlay called him 'MONSTER' - original I suppose, but then you probably can't ask any more from a 21 month old child can you : -)

another addition to the family

Mieke is the lastest edition to the family. He's been hanging out with bimble


The 'things' from my last post have been affectionately named as 'blockheads' by Mr Monda. The original blockhead was getting lonely, so today as I am not at work, I have made a friend for him. He has legs unlike his predecessor and he does look a bit monstrous (but friendly) so he's called bimble.It's only right that I name the original blockhead too, so he's called Dury (after Ian of course).
Here is Bimble and Dury hanging out in a lovely patterned padded cell.In other news, my sewing machine has still not arrived, mainly due to the incompetence of the courier service, so I am still without my Bernina. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday - after that, there will be no end to my creativity, and hopefully I will start getting a bit more done. Hand sewing, as individual as it is (and you can do it whilst watching TV!) is just not as immediate as machine sewing, and although I am quite a patient person generally, it's very satisfying to be able to create things so quickly. Rock on Monday.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some 'things'

The 'thing' on the card came first, then I decided to make a 3d version. This card was for someone at work who was leaving, hence the sad face.

The 3d version has a happy side too. He's sitting on the top of the computer for now, and I can change him depending on my mood!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

little birds

I'm always drawing birds, but most of the time they end up looking the same. I made these little felt ones a few weeks ago, with the thought that they would go on cards. I scanned them to keep a record of what I had made and ended up liking the scanned printed versions better for cards as they had a cartoon type look to them. I have not used these for anything yet - they're just sitting in a box waiting…

tea birds

I made this last night whilst watching the TV

Friday, May 11, 2007

bubby - the original and the best

This is bubby - I've had him for 31 years now and as you can seen I have loved him so much he is thread bare.

Japanese cartoon art

These labels were on some bags I bought from artbox
Today is the day of the sewing machine. well it should be. but I just got a call from the shop to say that it would be delayed until next week.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

the bathroom animals

This was a photo opportunity not to be missed.
Finlay came to stay at my house, and after he had gone home
the animals started making their way out of the bath

This is my first ever blog, I'm probably quite a latecomer with this blogging malarkey but it's actually a really straight forward thing I'm pleased to say.
So, this is where I'll keep a record of my daily thoughts, inspirations and projects that I might be working on when I'm not doing the day job.

This week we are not at work - we are doing some jobs around the house, namely painting the hallway and putting borders and plants into the back garden.
Tomorrow is a most exciting day - my first ever Bernina sewing machine is being delivered - it's second hand (about 20 years old, and was quite a lot of money for a second hand machine) but I am excited nonetheless. Also on a less exciting note - I am also getting 12 bags of bark delivered tomorrow. I know - so rock and roll.