Thursday, March 29, 2012

I see creatures - now available

Proofs have been received, tweaks have been made and my 'I see creatures' fabric range is now available to purchase in my fabric shop here

I think I'm quite partial to the pinky colour way, but maybe that has something to do with Boo (who is a girl!). In general, I'm not offended by pink at all, but do find that pink is everywhere when it comes to choice of colours in baby girls clothes/accessories.
I've ordered a yard panel of the cheater fabric in the pinky colour way so I can make a cheater quilt/playmat for Boo. The first of many makes for Boo that will probably happen over the next few months.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let the Sun Shine

my own little bit of sunshine

Recently, Rebecca from littletree designs gave me a sunshine award. I'm not normally one for awards on blogs (I'm not ungrateful, I just find them a little bit like chain letters, and I'm a bit rubbish at passing them on too). That said, I do like the idea of spreading a bit of sunshine so I'll pass this one along. Before I can do this I need to answer a few questions about myself, so here goes:

Colour  - my fave colour would have to be blue - most shades of in fact.

Animal - my lovely cats of course, who just make my day so much better by being there. They're sweet and funny and much more intelligent than people give them credit for, and they love you unconditionally - even when you have yelled at them for being sick on your bed.

Non-Alcoholic Drink - As boring as it sounds, it's water. I don't really drink tea of coffee, so a cold drink is always my preference.

Facebook or Twitter  - Twitter. I just can't get along with Facebook for some reason.

Getting or Giving Presents - Giving. I love choosing something that I think the recipient would really like, and then of course there is the lovely wrapping paper and ribbon choices.

Flower - Fresias - they smell and look so good.

Pattern - I cannot possibly narrow this down to one type of pattern, but I can say I like bold graphic prints - think 60's and 70's and you're about there.

Passion - aside from designing and making, which I tend to think of as my job, I enjoy cooking and gardening (I sound old).

Number - I don't really have one, although having said that, I have had the same lottery numbers since I started doing the lottery years and years ago

So now I need to spread the sunshine around and pick five blogs to share this award with. I read a lot of blogs, but have picked a handful of talented folks that you probably already know, but just in case you don't, they are:

Cupcakes for Clara
Ellen Giggenbach
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Designer Jots

If you want to take part (no pressure though), just answer the questions above and forward the sunshine award on to 5 more lovely bloggers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today I have some news to share of the totally amazing kind. Meet Boo:

As of today, Boo (as we've affectionately been calling our little baby) is 20 weeks old - we had a scan this morning and everything appears to be normal. Such a massive relief, and as I'm sure any first time mum will attest, you have no idea what is going on inside you and it's quite scary going for an 'anomaly scan'.
Aside from having a growing tummy (which sometimes just looks like I've eaten a big dinner) I have really felt the first little kicks and movement in the last few days - again, quite a relief.

Baby's and birth in general are are amazing little feats of nature, but we're especially happy as we've been waiting for Boo for about 7 years and have had countless trips to the hospital to try and find out why Boo hadn't materialised before now. I'm sure I've mentioned it on here before but the reason why this was such a problem was that I have PCOS. Having had treatment to manage the PCOS and several exploratory operations, examinations, scans, x-rays and courses of pills, the only conclusion the doctors could come up with was that I had 'unexplained sub-fertility'. I was also told by a male doctor with no bedside manner whatsoever that 'you know you're not eligible for IVF, don't you'. Basically there are a number of factors that govern this in the county I live in, but age and weight are the two biggest ones. At 35 I am considered 'too old' which automatically rules me out on the NHS.

It was all becoming at bit disheartening to be honest. We'd gone from saying 'when we have a baby' to 'if we have a baby' and we were really starting to think it would never happen.
I was taking pregnancy tests regularly which were always negative and had become somewhat routine, so imagine how shocked I was when it appeared that (back in December) one of my tests looked positive. I say 'looked' as I really wasn't sure, so of course had to do another one, which also wasn't conclusive. I was physically shaking when my boy came home from work that day, and my first words to him were 'I don't want to alarm you, but I think I might be pregnant'.
After drinking what seemed like pints of water, I went to the shops and bought another pack of tests. The third test showed a negative result (agh!) so I had to do the fourth test which looked like a feint cross but again I wasn't sure. The following day, I was back at the chemist buying a digital test, one of the ones that actually said the words 'pregnant' and 'not pregnant' - conclusive proof. The test said 'pregnant +3' which meant that I was more than 3 weeks pregnant.
I've been lucky enough not to suffer from morning sickness at all (much to my huge relief) but have had problems sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time and waking for hours at a time during the night, not to mention frequent trips to the loo for a wee. More recently I have had mild SPD - which is basically pelvic pain - all of which I'm sure are normal pregnancy side effects, but on the whole, I feel well and extremely happy to be carrying a little Boo around inside my tummy.

Boo should make an appearance to the world in early August. We can't wait to meet our little baby for the first time in the real world. Exciting times ahead.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I thought I'd put a couple of cheater/sampler designs together using the palettes of my 'I see creatures' fabrics, for the lazy quilter out there (I include myself in this):

This is designed in a yard size repeat and will be available for sale once I've seen and proofed the swatches. I'm actually looking forward to doing a bit of lazy quilting with these. I haven't quilted for the longest time. I have good intentions to do it, and plenty of fabric in the old stash but to be honest I'm a bit scared of cutting things up and then cocking them up (which is a bit daft I know!), so for now this lazy method is perfect for me.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

baby bears

I made a start on drawing these baby bears a few weeks ago but for some reason they weren't working for me. Having revisited them a few weeks later with different eyes it seems they were working for me, so I've designed a pattern featuring them - along with a couple of co-ordinating designs:

I plan to make them available as fabrics in my shop soon too, I'm just deciding which co-ordinating designs to go best with them and I have a few more in mind too which I need to work up first.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I see creatures + co-ordinates

A few weeks back I made a note on my to do list to design some co-ordinates to go with my 'I see creatures' design. I've been working on a few of those today in a boyish colour way and a girlish colour way:

I always tend to like the co-ordinates more than the key design. I think the simpler designs are just more me, maybe because I can see a wider application for them. I need to order a few swatches of these before I can make them available for sale but for now you can see all the designs/colours here

Thursday, March 01, 2012

bouquet of felty flowers

With mothers day approaching I thought I'd make a few mothers day bouquets - similar to my wedding and bridesmaids bouquets.
This is the first, which contains 7 flowers, each of which has been stitched and topped off with a button, then threaded onto wire, bound and cased in a green felty wrap:

I'm sitting here surrounded by piles of felted wool jumper scraps so will be making more today and tomorrow. These are destined for a local selling event I'm doing next weekend but If I have time I'll endeavour to get a few into the shop too.