Thursday, March 29, 2012

I see creatures - now available

Proofs have been received, tweaks have been made and my 'I see creatures' fabric range is now available to purchase in my fabric shop here

I think I'm quite partial to the pinky colour way, but maybe that has something to do with Boo (who is a girl!). In general, I'm not offended by pink at all, but do find that pink is everywhere when it comes to choice of colours in baby girls clothes/accessories.
I've ordered a yard panel of the cheater fabric in the pinky colour way so I can make a cheater quilt/playmat for Boo. The first of many makes for Boo that will probably happen over the next few months.


Rosie maddocks said...

Cute designs. My daughter would love these, she is obsessed with sea creatures and always complains there are no sea creature designs for girls!

Zane Wooder said...

My friend always sends messages in pink font and guys make comments and ask if he is gay. I think it's quite immature. If you like the color pink you like the color pink. That has noting to do with your sexuality. It's like if girls like the color blue which is considered more masculine. Wait maybe blue is more feminine?

-Zane of ontario honey