Monday, March 12, 2012

I see creatures + co-ordinates

A few weeks back I made a note on my to do list to design some co-ordinates to go with my 'I see creatures' design. I've been working on a few of those today in a boyish colour way and a girlish colour way:

I always tend to like the co-ordinates more than the key design. I think the simpler designs are just more me, maybe because I can see a wider application for them. I need to order a few swatches of these before I can make them available for sale but for now you can see all the designs/colours here


Tracey said...

Love the whale.

picciolo said...

these look great, I can't decide which colour way I like the most though!
: )

victor fox said...

Hi Monda,
I found your blog through pop-i-cok but i think i have been following your great pinterest albums.
these are awesome prints. the greens and blues are gorgeous. and yes i totally agree... my job is to design textile fabrics but on paper basically. so when doing coordinating patterns, sometimes i like them better too! hehe. i really like the red and pink fish pattern though, thats my favourite
Clare x

amy said...

Wonderful collections!