Tuesday, September 22, 2009

trying a bit of hookery

Way back in May this year, me and my sis went off to do a crochet course. Prior to this, I'd tried teach myself to crochet on several occasions by looking in books at pictures which never really made any sense to me. I also tried to get my mum to show me how to do it, but alas the hookery eluded me still.
On the 4 hr crochet course I'm pleased to say I learned to do the basics, but since then, despite my best intentions, I didn't get around to trying it again.
Over the last week or so, I thought the time was right to try again, and had a very basic project in mind. I was amazed that I had remembered how to do it - it's like riding a bike I supposeMy finished effort is not perfect by any means, but I'm pleased with the result. This is basic level stuff, but I feel confident to try different things now - follow a pattern perhaps!

I'm also finding that I have a new found love of Grey (Gray) at the moment too. I've never really thought much of grey as a colour, but I'm finding myself quite attracted to greys hues of late:
1. Components (C365: day 49), 2. Natural Gray Black Wool Handspun Yarn, 3. Grey as buttons, 4. grey undertones [spun], 5. gray, olive wool, 6. this tile rug rocks it in gray, 7. Brooch, 8. Collection of gray, 9. skein of grey handspun

Thursday, September 17, 2009

vintage love

A few weeks back I went to car boot sale and had kid in a sweetshop type moment when I found lots (and lots) of vintage lace and crochet. I didn't buy half as much as I could have (or wanted) but I did pick up some very pretty pieces indeed for just a few poundsI really like this little box of buttons. The people's box contained 4 linen covered buttons - a good assortment?
I'm have quite a lot of vintage love at the moment - I've also started purchasing odds and ends of fine bone china for a little 'project' I am planning. Will share more about this soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm back!

Crikey - almost a month since I last blogged. This was an unintentional but probably a necessary break. It's quite scary how you can lose a month isn't it. Lots has happened of course over the last month, some of which I will blog in due course.

I suppose for the purpose of my own recollection at a later date, I should start with the thing that is most immediately memorable, and that was my excursion to hospital on Tuesday this week for a little operation.
I blogged about having PCOS a while back. The side effects of this are getting a bit out of control so I had exploratory surgery on Tuesday to find out what is going on with me and how it can be controlled. I won't have all the results for another couple of months though, so all I know for the moment is that I feel a bit sore, I am quite bruised and that I am happy that this surgery took place whilst I was asleep.
I don't mind admitting that I was really quite scared about having this operation - probably because I'm a control freak, I like to be in control, it feels comfortable. You really are not in control when you have a general anaesthetic however. You put your life into the hands of a person you have never met and probably never will again, and you sign away your life on a form that says something like 'we could accidentally injure you or kill you, are you ok with that?'

Bodies are incredible and amazing things though, and I really think we take this for granted.
When I got home from hospital on Tuesday evening I stupidly tried to take the dressing off my stomach to have a look at what had been done, and I almost passed out. Mr Monda was with me saying - 'are you ok, you've gone transparent', at which point I couldn't really hear him, but just the hissing in my ears, which I guess was the blood rushing around my body trying to protect my vital organs. It's funny how the body knows how to do these things instinctively isn't it.
I am also amazed how much you need to use your stomach in normal every day life. I've found it hard to sit, lie (and sleep), pull up my pyjamas and underwear(!), stretch, bend, cough, sneeze (ouch) - you get the picture. All being well, I'll be back to normal in another few days.

Swifty onto a different topic: Before going off to hospital, I did manage to make one of my long (long) awaited PIF's to send to Gina.
a recycled paper stitched collage (with the odd bit of fabric thrown in), and a brooch made with bits and bobs from my scrap bag and recycled button stash.
Only 2 more PIF's to go. I feel really bad that I didn't get around to my PIF's within the stipulated year - I'm usually very organised. Lucy and Sally-Ann, I haven't forgotten about you. Your PIF's are the next thing on my creative agenda.