Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's all new

At Top Drawer in January I launched my first couple of kits. Kits seemed to be really popular amongst the people I spoke to and I have plans to introduce a few more over the coming months. My first kit, 'little Brown Bear' is now available to buy in my Mondaland Shop:

I've also been working on some ideas for personalised baby keepsake gifts and wedding gifts, which will be available soon:

I have lots more new things in progress too that are keeping me quite busy at the moment. It's all good though. I'm feeling a bit of renewed enthusiasm and energy after a bit of a blah spell in January and February. It's the same every year - the January blah's always seem to hit me - this year they just spilled into February a bit too because I had Top Drawer to keep me busy during January.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I see creatures!

A design I entered into last weeks spoonflower contest (with a sea creatures theme) was placed 4th this week:
original design
design printed onto fabric
I might design some co-ordinates to go with this (when I get a moment). I think they would make nice nursery fabrics. In the meantime, this print, called 'I see creatures' is available to buy here
Spoonflower are now also printing onto Kona cotton. It's still quilting weight but a bit heavier than their regular cotton, which I think it great as it's a lot more robust - and is the same price as the regular cotton too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


In a fit of much needed sorting out and tidying, I have decided there is just way too much stuff taking up way too much space in my little office/studio.
As a result of this, I'm having a Monster SALE in my wooly stuff shop.
Until the end of February, or until they have sold out, whichever comes first, my monsters are reduced by 25% - just use the code MONSTER at the checkout.

More sorting and tidying continues here, as well as lots of admin for something new and exciting in Mondaland - all will be revealed very soon.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

felted wool scrap bags

I really had to tackle my felted wool jumper scrap mountain so this morning I sorted it into colours, bagged it up, weighed it, photographed it, and popped it in the shop:
There are 9 7 3 2 bags left, lots of yummy colours, perfect for small projects like bunting, monster making, needle felting or patching. If only I had the time to do some (or any) of these things!

Monday, February 06, 2012


It doesn't ever really feel like winter to me until we've had some snow. Living in the south of the UK, we don't really ever see that much snow. We often hear on the news about snow further up north and see lots of pictures of it but we don't often get it. BUT on Saturday evening we got some snow! It wasn't very much, and sadly it seems to have pretty much gone now but I liked it whilst it lasted. It must be the inner child in me that likes it so much, that and the fact that I remember it snowing on and around my birthday when I was little, so snow time means it must nearly be birthday time.

For every Ying there is a Yang. Yesterday we had a 13 hour power cut (was it the snow? surely not). From 2.30pm we had no heating, no hot water, no lights, and later in the day no cooking of the pork fillets we had bought for our tea! It came back on at 3.30 this morning, along with the washing machine which had been mid wash when the power went off, so we were treated to the sound of the washer spinning away at top speed at 4am this morning. We're feeling quite tired around these parts today!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

off to a new home

Here are my printed softies, now packed up and ready to go to their new home in Guernsey:
 If you happen to be in Guernsey soon you might spot them in a shop called Indica

New products also come with new labels. I actually designed these as business cards with the intention of using them as product labels as it was more cost effective for me to do it this way, despite the trimming, punching and stringing of them:

This week I've also worked on a couple of new designs for the latest spoonflower contest. It feels like an age since I've done this but it was nice to test myself with the art deco theme. It's not something I would naturally gravitate towards although I do like art deco design in general: