Sunday, June 24, 2007

it's fixed

HTML. Done.
I feel all smug, like Gordon Ramsey :o)

my blog header is finally here

After some help from Mr Monda (who is a designer) my blog header is finally here, and I really love it! It's taken a while but I really think it was worth the wait (I am biased of course). I need to sort out the HTML around the border at the top but that may take me a bit of time because I'm still a virgin as far as HTML goes. Maybe a job for tomorrow.
I'd be happy to receive comments about my header though so please post away until your hearts are content, and if anyone can tell me a quick fix to remove the border from the header without removing it from the rest of the blog that would be much appreciated too.

***NEWSFLASH HTML now Fixed!***

Saturday, June 23, 2007

so now maybe a bit more time for making

I've been pretty busy this last 5-6 weekends, and knew I didn't really have any time for crafting and the like. I've been helping my sister out as her house is in a state of disrepair due to renovations, and also she was about to pop out her second baby.Thankfully yesterday Rory popped out!
I've had loads of ideas floating around in my head but no time and no energy to do anything about them so have decided to dedicate tomorrow to just crafting, drawing and making, and hopefully make a start with all the fabric and findings that have been arriving in the post over the last few weeks.

Whilst trampling through the blogosphere, I did find this interesting blog though - good thing if you like Japanese food and culture - and handmade cuteness of course

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

some nice things from the postman

I mostly always get things I order (or win) sent to my work address as I tend to go into work before the postman reaches my house. The only problem with this is, you get lots of nice things that you cannot do anything with until you get home. Some of my recent eBay purchases included reels of cotton and buttons - all things that make me want to create. Ive taken a pic of my freebies from paper-and-string, nice freebies and lovely packaging.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

my blockheads are now for sale on eBay!

As I suspected not much time for blogging, or making or anything really. I've made a couple more blockheads and the crew are on sale on eBay now.They are a combination of hand sewn and machine sewn, but mainly hand sewn.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

the list

I did manage to get quite a bit on the list done, and a few things that weren't on the list too. I've still not had the time to put together my banner for my blog, but have done some sketches and made some flowers and birds and a mini blockhead which may form part of it.

I'm not seeing an awful lot of time on the horizon for crafting in the coming weeks - weekends and week nights after work are already looking choc-a-block, although I have stolen myself a little time by taking an afternoon off work next week.

I thought I might also mention the textile network in this post. I studied at Cumbria Institute of Arts (formally Cumbria College of Art and Design, and soon to be University of Cumbria). The textile network is work from past students and tutors at the college.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

making a list

I'm borrowing some inspiration from paper and string, and making a plan of action, a list if you like, of things to do this weekend.
They include:
*cleaning the house - boring but necessary
*planting my plants - finally a nice day to do it
*watching Dr Who
*tidying my workspace and readying myself for a day of crafting tomorrow
*making a list of things to do, which already includes making a banner for my blog, and a stack of new cards to sell at work
*learning a bit more about illustrator and indesign (with the help of Mr Monda)

Maybe if I make a list I will actually get some of this stuff done. I tend to make lists at work all the time, but never really think to do it at home - I find myself drawing on scraps of paper and then feeling inspired to make something. Lastly because it's nice to look at a blog with a picture or two, here are some of my random drawings