Sunday, June 24, 2007

my blog header is finally here

After some help from Mr Monda (who is a designer) my blog header is finally here, and I really love it! It's taken a while but I really think it was worth the wait (I am biased of course). I need to sort out the HTML around the border at the top but that may take me a bit of time because I'm still a virgin as far as HTML goes. Maybe a job for tomorrow.
I'd be happy to receive comments about my header though so please post away until your hearts are content, and if anyone can tell me a quick fix to remove the border from the header without removing it from the rest of the blog that would be much appreciated too.

***NEWSFLASH HTML now Fixed!***

1 comment:

paper-and-string said...

i LOVE it. Someone should invent a 'who has the best blog banner award' so you could win a prize!!
well done xxx