Saturday, June 02, 2007

making a list

I'm borrowing some inspiration from paper and string, and making a plan of action, a list if you like, of things to do this weekend.
They include:
*cleaning the house - boring but necessary
*planting my plants - finally a nice day to do it
*watching Dr Who
*tidying my workspace and readying myself for a day of crafting tomorrow
*making a list of things to do, which already includes making a banner for my blog, and a stack of new cards to sell at work
*learning a bit more about illustrator and indesign (with the help of Mr Monda)

Maybe if I make a list I will actually get some of this stuff done. I tend to make lists at work all the time, but never really think to do it at home - I find myself drawing on scraps of paper and then feeling inspired to make something. Lastly because it's nice to look at a blog with a picture or two, here are some of my random drawings

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