Thursday, June 07, 2007

the list

I did manage to get quite a bit on the list done, and a few things that weren't on the list too. I've still not had the time to put together my banner for my blog, but have done some sketches and made some flowers and birds and a mini blockhead which may form part of it.

I'm not seeing an awful lot of time on the horizon for crafting in the coming weeks - weekends and week nights after work are already looking choc-a-block, although I have stolen myself a little time by taking an afternoon off work next week.

I thought I might also mention the textile network in this post. I studied at Cumbria Institute of Arts (formally Cumbria College of Art and Design, and soon to be University of Cumbria). The textile network is work from past students and tutors at the college.

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raspberry said...

Love the monster!!!

Sorry your comments on blog didn't appear, they fell into the Spam trap! I've sorted it now!