Thursday, January 17, 2013

still here, just ticking along

I didn't really mean for it to be so long between posts. Being a mummy for the first time is an all consuming experience. It's been a great 5 months. It's definitely the hardest job I've ever had but without doubt the most rewarding too.
In one respect, I wish I had found or made some time to continue with my blog, for the sake of documenting 'on paper' the first few months with our lovely little Maisie. In another respect it was nice just to spend the first few months just being a little family of three (+ our 2 moggies) and adjusting to our new way of life.

I probably won't return to regular blogging again until I return to working full time, which won't be for a few more months yet. If you want to get in touch please use the form on the 'contact' tab.

Maisie's first Christmas