Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Umbrella Prints Competition

I entered the Umbrella Prints Competition this year. I wanted to enter last year but left it too late to buy my trimmings pack. I almost left it too late to enter this year too - I had my trimmings in good time, but then other things took priority, and well, you know how it gets.
Anyway, this last week I've been spending a bit of time here and there getting my entry together and just managed to finish it in time (deadline is 30th May).
This is my trimmings pack (I went for girly colours again, with the idea that I would make something for Boo):
and this is what I made - a little stitched piece of wall art for the nursery, which I will (eventually) put in a box frame:
click to enlarge
click to enlarge
Fingers crossed that it will be well received in the competition - and if I don't win, then I'm just happy to have made something for Boo anyway.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

little dresses

picture via The Lily Bird Studio
I really want to make some little dresses for Boo. I have fabric a plenty in the stash and have found a really cute A-line reversible dress pattern on etsy which is apparently easy to sew (perfect!) but I feel quite daunted by it nonetheless. I've never made any clothing before and I'm sure it's just a case of messing it up and wasting fabric that is putting me off.
I recently asked Amy Neal of CoCo crafts - who makes the sweetest little reversible dresses, if she could make me a couple of dresses from some of the fabric from my stash. I meet Amy a few times a year at local craft events we both sell at and I always love looking at her dresses but have never really had occassion to buy them, until now. I picked out a couple of needle cords and co-ordinating cotton fabrics and Amy made me these little dresses:

I love them. I wish I had made them myself honestly but there is still a bit of time before Boo comes along for me to conquer my fear. I'd love to make some dresses in my own fabric designs too.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boo's quilt

Here is (finally!) is, my first ever make for Boo - a baby quilt using the cheater panel that I designed.

The last time I made a quilt for a person was in GCSE design (so over 20 years ago) and it was pretty naff, and I had quite a lot of help with it.
I am secretly a bit pleased with myself that I've actually managed to pull this off. I know it's a cheater (so less sewing all round) but I did quilt it and bind it, and the binding looks really professional - much to my amazement and thanks in large part to a video tutorial I watched on YouTube.
This finished quilt is by no means perfect, it's a bit wonky in places, which I suppose you could say adds a bit of character.
It's currently in the washing machine and I'm petrified that I'm going to ruin it. I used natural wool batting and I'm washing it on a cool wool wash with wool detergent in the hope that It doesn't come out all lumpy. eek!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

too many teaspoons

Actually, in my experience, there is no such thing as too many teaspoons. They seem to be the most frequently used piece of cutlery in our house - despite the fact that we don't drink that much tea or coffee.
 'Too Many Teaspoons' in the name of my retro themed kitchen design which I entered into this weeks spoonflower contest. The palette was restricted to the 4 colours I've used here, plus white.

It's been a busy week here in Mondaland. There has been some making for Henley Arts Trail, Boo's Quilt (all sewn up now - just need to bind it, when I can find a couple of hours to spare) and some freelance work on the go, plus a few orders from my shops keeping me on my toes.
Today being 8th May means that in 3 months time (if the dates are more of less right, and everything goes according to plan) we'll have a little baby Boo to look after. I still find it hard to believe to be honest - despite the frequent and somewhat hefty kicks I keep getting in my tummy!