Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My smoothie girl selfie from my last post had a fruity little t-shirt on. It was a placement print I created for the assignment but I'd quite like to see it as a real life fabric, so I've made it into a repeat

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

bye bye bootcamp

This is my final assignment entry for Lilla Rogers MATS bootcamp:
I don't mind admitting that I really struggled with this assignment for a piece of 'art based around your favourite beverage'.
I'm one of those weirdo people who doesn't drink a hot drink every day - tea or coffee, or whatever. I drink a lot of water, and occasionally some very weak fruit squash. I think this is yet more proof that I am a child in an adults body.
If you're a long standing reader of my blog you will know I love my vintage china tea cups, and have crates of them stored away in my loft (which I WILL get out and use when I have a bigger house to live in) and it would have felt very natural and probably even somewhat easy for me to produce a design based on tea cups and saucers and biscuits and all that - just typing these words is sending images whizzing through my head. But I wanted to be a bit more true to myself, and also push myself to do something a bit different (for me) and a therefore a bit more tricky (for me).
I have recently taken to drinking smoothies for breakfast and sometimes lunch too, in an effort to improve my health and get as much of the good stuff in me as I can, so I knew this would be my drink subject. I also wanted to have a character in my design because this is still not something that comes easy to me. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted this to look like. But I struggled to make this happen. Everything I was drawing looked wrong.
But I persevered. Partly because I am stubborn and didn't want to be defeated by this, and partly because I knew I could do something good.
I'm glad I persisted. This whole thing is a huge learning process but I've found I just have to keep on doing, keep on drawing, and eventually it will come.

I'm pleased with what I produced. And I am a little bit sad that this was the final bootcamp assignment. Bootcamp has really pushed me to be more creative, and think differently, and draw more. I needed this. I've also connected with many other like minded designers and artists. The community has been so supportive and encouraging - everything you need when you are a solo home worker with only your cat and toddler for feedback, and as much as I love both of them, feedback is not their strong suit.
Take a look at the gallery - there is some fantastic work there. 

Onwards and upwards. Next up, Global Talent Search!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

something old, something new

I've revisited and revamped one of my old prints. I like it a whole lot more now.
They'll be going off to the printers soon and once I have proof copies they'll be heading into my shop. They come in 4 colours, including the blue one below.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

people and animals

People and animals are not really things come naturally to me when it comes to drawing. I feel like I have to try really hard and do many many crappy sketches to get to something I feel happy with.
A couple of months ago the MATS bootcamp assignment was focussed around drawing people, more specifically, the assignment was for an editorial piece on meditation. To my surprise I had a lot of fun with the people drawing aspect.
This was my final piece, which incorporates a few new techniques for me. It was a (good) challenge, and as always a good learning experience too.

I'm also keen to feature more animals and illustration in my portfolio as well as pattern work, so I've been working on sketching some characters too. This little bunny was conceived last night in the form of a pencil sketch. I like her. I'm going to do more of this.