Tuesday, May 08, 2012

too many teaspoons

Actually, in my experience, there is no such thing as too many teaspoons. They seem to be the most frequently used piece of cutlery in our house - despite the fact that we don't drink that much tea or coffee.
 'Too Many Teaspoons' in the name of my retro themed kitchen design which I entered into this weeks spoonflower contest. The palette was restricted to the 4 colours I've used here, plus white.

It's been a busy week here in Mondaland. There has been some making for Henley Arts Trail, Boo's Quilt (all sewn up now - just need to bind it, when I can find a couple of hours to spare) and some freelance work on the go, plus a few orders from my shops keeping me on my toes.
Today being 8th May means that in 3 months time (if the dates are more of less right, and everything goes according to plan) we'll have a little baby Boo to look after. I still find it hard to believe to be honest - despite the frequent and somewhat hefty kicks I keep getting in my tummy!

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