Monday, April 30, 2012

miaow miaow

Owls have been big business in the design world now for quite a few years. One of the latest spoonflower contests is called 'what's the new owl?' so I entered with a design based on my work 'colleagues' (my cats obviously):

These ones seem to look a bit smug and happy with themselves don't they.
I've noticed I am having a tendency towards girly colours at the moment. I'm clearly feeling influenced by all things baby girl right now.


Caught in Dreamland said...

Just you wait ..not sure if you are having a girl , but I have two little girls and cant seem to design anything that isnt kiddie related ..usually featuring little girls that look like mine?? Good your design.

tasselflower (Mervi) said...

Haah! Fun, love these smug cats.

Moogsmum said...

I love it! The expressions on your cats' faces are just purrrfect :o)