Thursday, May 31, 2007

still on that monster vibe

I've made a few more over the last week - experimenting with the sewing machine and still doing a bit by hand. When I have built up a big enough collection I'll put them on sale.
Also I have bought some fab fabric (can you say fab fabric?) over the last weeks which has slowly been arriving by post - I'm a big fan of ebay and buy quite a lot on there. Here is a pic of some of my latest purchases.Additionally this months purchases have included 2 pairs of crocs. Where have these shoes been all my life? I never thought I would like any shoe as much as a flip flop, but these little beauties are a real treat for the feet - especially if you wore heels to work today like it did - bad move. You can get them online with free postage from this cool website called 'look at my crazy shoes'


Felicia said...

Your little monsters are so adorable!

kids footwear said...

This is great! Crocs have only been around for a few years. They can be seen on just about everyone from young kids to Hollywood stars. Anyway, thanks and I definitely visit here more often.