Saturday, May 19, 2007


The 'things' from my last post have been affectionately named as 'blockheads' by Mr Monda. The original blockhead was getting lonely, so today as I am not at work, I have made a friend for him. He has legs unlike his predecessor and he does look a bit monstrous (but friendly) so he's called bimble.It's only right that I name the original blockhead too, so he's called Dury (after Ian of course).
Here is Bimble and Dury hanging out in a lovely patterned padded cell.In other news, my sewing machine has still not arrived, mainly due to the incompetence of the courier service, so I am still without my Bernina. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday - after that, there will be no end to my creativity, and hopefully I will start getting a bit more done. Hand sewing, as individual as it is (and you can do it whilst watching TV!) is just not as immediate as machine sewing, and although I am quite a patient person generally, it's very satisfying to be able to create things so quickly. Rock on Monday.

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