Thursday, May 10, 2007

the bathroom animals

This was a photo opportunity not to be missed.
Finlay came to stay at my house, and after he had gone home
the animals started making their way out of the bath

This is my first ever blog, I'm probably quite a latecomer with this blogging malarkey but it's actually a really straight forward thing I'm pleased to say.
So, this is where I'll keep a record of my daily thoughts, inspirations and projects that I might be working on when I'm not doing the day job.

This week we are not at work - we are doing some jobs around the house, namely painting the hallway and putting borders and plants into the back garden.
Tomorrow is a most exciting day - my first ever Bernina sewing machine is being delivered - it's second hand (about 20 years old, and was quite a lot of money for a second hand machine) but I am excited nonetheless. Also on a less exciting note - I am also getting 12 bags of bark delivered tomorrow. I know - so rock and roll.

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