Thursday, February 02, 2012

off to a new home

Here are my printed softies, now packed up and ready to go to their new home in Guernsey:
 If you happen to be in Guernsey soon you might spot them in a shop called Indica

New products also come with new labels. I actually designed these as business cards with the intention of using them as product labels as it was more cost effective for me to do it this way, despite the trimming, punching and stringing of them:

This week I've also worked on a couple of new designs for the latest spoonflower contest. It feels like an age since I've done this but it was nice to test myself with the art deco theme. It's not something I would naturally gravitate towards although I do like art deco design in general:

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aka Rebecca said...

I love the little tags/business cards and your art deco patterns are just lovely, love the colour palette x