Thursday, September 17, 2009

vintage love

A few weeks back I went to car boot sale and had kid in a sweetshop type moment when I found lots (and lots) of vintage lace and crochet. I didn't buy half as much as I could have (or wanted) but I did pick up some very pretty pieces indeed for just a few poundsI really like this little box of buttons. The people's box contained 4 linen covered buttons - a good assortment?
I'm have quite a lot of vintage love at the moment - I've also started purchasing odds and ends of fine bone china for a little 'project' I am planning. Will share more about this soon.


Gina said...

What lovely finds. I'm useless at spotting bargains at car boots or charity shops.

Kali said...

ohhhh, lovely pretties here :)

picciolo said...

what great finds, I even love the box the buttons came in!
: )

The Curious Cat said...

Vintage really is in fashion at the mo - the question is - how long will it last? I hope it lasts a while! xxx

Louise Galt said...

Hi Monda
Love your blog, just happened to stumble across it while googling paper bunting (want to make some for christmas)
You have made some wonderful things, Hope your tummy is all healed up now, I also have PCOS and it drives me insane.
Luv n Hugs

Sweet Cinnamon Kisses said...

I also get butterflys in my tummy over finding such vintage loot! I have stacks of old ribbon, lace, crochet and buttons and dont know what to do with it all!