Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've been scrapblogging

I found this website today. It's basically virtual scrapbooking, and because it's virtual you can achieve results very quickly. All the images I used to create this page were free (although you can buy images too)You can also import your own pics from flickr, and export the finished designs back into flickr. The site is quite intuitive (no I didn't read any instructions). Some of the images/backgrounds and elements are really not my cup of tea but it is a good fun to do and a good creative waste of time :o)
I did another one - I was going for a different look, but somehow the colours turned out very similar. I have a leaning towards pinks - very true if you see my fabric stash. And there was me thinking that I wasn't a very girly girl!


JaneO said...

This looks great fun and all without having to cut up bits of paper.

Moogsmum said...

Your pages are fab - especially as you don't have to hoover up thousands of tiny bits of paper!!