Thursday, February 12, 2009

my never ending birthday

Thanks for my many birthday wishes. We had a nice day walking in London and wandering around the various shops tiring ourselves out thoroughly before going to the theatre. I really enjoyed seeing the Lion King - the costumes were really amazing. The man who was sitting next to me in the theatre had a sneezing problem however, either that, or a horrible cold. He sneezed the whole way through the show - nice!

I had lots of lovely pressies: What you cannot see here is the Mario game I got for my nintendo DS (very addictive), some new underwear, and a crochet lesson class. The crochet lesson was a pressie from my sister, and is much needed after my pathetic attempt of trying to learn from my mum recently - she is left handed, and I am right handed so I found it all a bit tricky.

I'm off out tonight with some friends for another birthday celebration - that would be the third this week (I know, I'm like the Queen with all these birthday celebrations). The first was on Saturday here - many cocktails were consumed, and a slightly sore head was sported the following day :o)


Lauren said...

happy late birthday! the bowling looks great. enjoy the rest of your celebrations.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely pressies!!! What is the cute owl thingyummy?

Lucy xxx

Moogsmum said...

Ooh gorgeous pressies you have there! The Zakka sewing book looks great and the crochet lesson is a fab idea.

Enjoy the rest of your week :-)


englishrose said...

Hi Monda,

Happy birthday for the other day! Your blog is lovely, and your handmade toys are just delicious! I'm a bit jealous of the crochet lesson you got for your birthday, I've been trying to teach myself for a while now with disastrous results- there have been many a temper tantrums....
Enjoy your celebrations
xx Rebecca

Kitty said...

I'm left handed. I knit right handed but I crochet left handed. I eat right handed, I sew left-handed, but I play bowling and tennis on the Wii right handed. I think my brain must be a whole lot mixed up!

So glad you had a lovely birthday - the presents look wonderful. x