Monday, February 02, 2009

when the snow came...

I saw paw prints on the doorstepStevie had her first snow experienceStevie caught the snow flakes in her mouth and ate them!Mr Monda made a miniature snowmanLots of nice things about today:
the sound of fresh snow crunching under your boots
leaving work early (me)
being told not to go to work by your boss (Mr Monda)
a makeshift bird table being constructed in the back garden
throwing snowballs - but not really trying to hit the other person. laughing, a lot.
hot soup
rosy cheeks
warm gloves and scarf - fresh from the radiator
miniature snowmen

What was good about your day?


Kitty said...

We had a fair bit of snow ... loved the crunch underfoot. Tomorrow it'll probably be ice underfoot - altogether less charming! That snowman is perfect. x

Moogsmum said...

We had a lovely day. School closed - kids outside getting rosy cheeked and very cold fingered and me sitting indoors reading blogs!!

Our chickens were not in the least bit impressed and spent most of the day on their perch looking at the white stuff with disgust!


Kate said...

Aww love the cat, and the snow person!

I had a super day. Fleece-lined trousers, hot mocha to warm icy fingers, cycling through car-less streets, sausages and mash. All was good :)

kate x

emma lamb said...

Hi Monda,

i saw your wee snowman on flickr, so cute! i love his tiny little carrot nose :)

we had a few flutters of snow yesterday but it never stays on the ground for long, and none of the white stuff this morning...

have a fab day :)


Joleo said...

Stevie looks brilliantly mad covered in snow! Love the snowman too - perfectly formed :) x

this chicken said...

Those paw prints are very cute! I can see some too from where I'm sitting now - the tiny give-away marks of what this particular cat has been up to along the path and over the fence :)

Anonymous said...

love the cat eating snowflakes! our cat is never quite sure what to make of snow so she tends to stay in.

i loved the feeling of living in a snowglobe - watching the snow whirl about outside the windows.

exciting to have a new camera! the d40 was my husband's choice too when he bought an slr last year and he really enjoys it. trouble is, we now take way too many photos!

Kate said...

Tag! Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.. details on my blog!
kate x

Helen said...

Hope Stevie enjoyed her first snowy experience! It's been so lovely, hasn't it! We still have a little snow left in our back garden. I'm hoping for a top up on Monday!

Juddie said...

Gorgeous photos!

parisa said...

So cute snowman!!! I don't have any snow here, so I envy you!