Saturday, March 07, 2009


I've been awol from my blog this week. A combination of things have kept me away, but nothing massively exciting I'm sad to say, just the usual everyday stuff. I'm feeling much better now - the thorat infection is now happily yesterdays news.
As well as my day job, I've been having a stab at some freelance design work, and it seems to be going ok - sadly no pics of finished designs allowed though - here's a sneaky peek
It's starting to feel quite spring like around these parts. In the last week daffodils have started sprouting in and around the local area. It's this time of year, every year, that I think 'I wish i'd planted some bulbs in the winter'. I popped into a local food place on the way home from work last night and picked up 2 bunches of daffs for the house. They stared out on the kitchen windowsill - until some of them made their way to these glass bottles, which until yesterday were covered in dust in the deepest darkest back of a cupboard, filled with out of date alchopop! A quick wash and spruce up, and voilà. Pretty. Please don't look too closely at the windows - yes they do need cleaning!
I've got a lot on my agenda for the weekend but decided to take it easy today. I've been pottering around, taking pics, doing a bit of baking and catching up on emails and the like. A spot of homemade afternoon tea was in order - salmon and cucumber, and cheddar and marmite sandwiches, followed by homemade scones with jam and clotted cream. Drool worthy and ever so indulgent for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Perfect
Last weekend, I saw my sis and my nephews. My sis is a pretty clever lady in the knitting dept - she knitted hats for both of her boys and they kindly let me do a photoshoot - quite a miracle for little ones, as they usually try to yank the hats off the minute you put them on. This was hilarious actually, because they both laughed a lot during the shoot (I sound like a pro!) and the result of that was some really great photos. This is one of my faves, it just makes you smile doesn't it. They are such lovely characterful boys
This is turning out to be a post of epic proportions. Note to self - blog more often to avoid writing massive posts. Will I learn? Probably not.


Anonymous said...

I'm all in favour of epic posts if they are full of such loveliness Monda!

Have you seen about the bloggy meet up at Easter on my blog? It would be fantastic if you could come too!

Lucy x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

that's me, lucy locket! Don't know why it came out as anonymous!

Jodie said...

Great photo and delicious hats as well..

Emma Loves Stitching said...

Hi, Glad to see you've had a nice lazy Saturday, scones look yummy!!
Thanks for passing on details to Hoola Tallulah.

Enjoy your Sunday.


belinda.moonmum said...

Those hats are just gorgeous! A great cheeky moment captured in that photo too :)

emma lamb said...

looks like a lovely way to spend a saturday monda! you're sneaky peek looks cute, i still can't find my creative mojo... not sure where it's gone!!!

glad to hear you're feeling better again, have a lovely sunday... :)


Kitty said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Love those hats and the photo. Your sister is a fab knittist! The scones have made me drool. x

Delaney's Duds said...

the boys are so cute! love the hats!

Kyoko said...

Glad you are feeling better :D
Sometimes time just passes without knowing doesn't it? I love the freelance design work that you are doing (with a fish) by the way. I just know it will be really good!
Gosh I am impressed about these knitted hat. They are gorgeous!

raspberry said...

Love those hats, does she sell them??

picciolo said...

I have daffodils in my kitchen too! Those hat are so cute, and that scone looks delicious!
: )

Moogsmum said...

That sneaky peek looks very interesting!

Your lazy Saturday with yummy scones sounds just about perfect.

Gorgeous photo of your nephews and their hats are fab! That is some serious knitting!!


Helena said...

Now look, it's really really REALLY cruel to have photo's of scones that scrummy on your blog unless you're willing to publish your full address and not start on them till I get there.


silverpebble said...

Wonderful hats and those boys look like cheeky monkeys and great fun! Love the sneak peek here Monda - the fish button is great, and your daffies and scones have cheered me up. Emma x P.S. Didn't see Jimmy sadly - not sure he mixes with the plebs any more!

Helen said...

your nephews look very cute in their hats.

That scone has got me daydreaming about baking. I do love a proper afternoon tea. It sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...