Sunday, March 15, 2009


Things are definitely springing around these parts. Yesterday we had a day out with my nephews here. It was a great day, mostly sunny with a bit of a chilly wind occasionally. The boys were very brave and fed the sheep and the goats from their hands, and on the subject of goats, I'm amazed how much goats cheese smells like goats! I suppose it makes sense really.
We saw a lamb being born, something I've never witnessed before. It all happened very quickly, and within a matter of minutes the lamb was up on it's feet getting some milk from it's mother - amazing really.

Today has been a glorious sunny day. Sadly I was at work - I do occasionally have to work at the weekends. Mr Monda captured some of the spring goodness whilst I was stuck indoors. We have a huge cherry tree right outside our house - in the last week it has just started to blossomThis next pic is of the new growth of a great little tree that grows in our front garden - a house warming present from my mum. It is commonly called a 'flamingo tree' and less commonly called salix hakuro nishiki. It has amazing foliage - which is sometimes cream, sometimes pink and sometimes pale green. The branches are always a reddy colour like flamingo legs, I guess.
The cats were also out enjoying the nice weather today, so they also got papped
There was just enough light left when I got home to take some inspiration pics for my latest little project I'm making cushions, but I do also fancy having a go at a strips and bricks quilt like the one featured in the April edition of sew hip magazine:Of course, all I need to whip this up is an extra few hours in each day. sigh.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

when you find the extra hours, can you let me know where they are please?

I love that quilt in Sew Hip too - and One girl design works - not sure of the full blog title - does lovely quilts along the same lines.

Looking forwar to seeing what you do!

Lucy x

Katy said...

When you get the extra hours, let me know how I can get some too...thanks.

I am also LOVING the quilt in sew hip this month, but I don't have any where near enough of those kinds of fabric...should I go shopping?

I haven't seen any lambs being born for years, it was a yearly thing when we were small - let's go and watch lambs being born and ride tractors. That's what you get for being a country girl, I guess.

Kitty said...

Oh blimey - what have you done? If Katy goes shopping for that fabric, she'll post the links to the shops, and that ALWAYS ends up with me buying more fabric! The quilt is fantastic though, so I can understand the temptation.

Those are lovely photos - so good to think Spring might actually nearly be here. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys are getting spring weather and we are getting rain drenched, Fall weather. I can't believe that two weeks ago we were being evacuated due to bush fire threat and now I am sitting here with the heater on and a hot chocolate to warm me! The ground is drenched and I know we are safe from bushfire for another year. I guess this is the first time I dont mind the summer ending.

silverpebble said...

That quilt is wonderful - as are your pics. What a privilege to see a lamb being born! Wow!

Helen said...

Lovely Spring photos!
We were at Odds last week too! The children just love it there. We saw some kids being born last year - lots of questions from my two! - so amazing to see them take their first tottering steps. After one Summer visit on a particularly hot day I went right off goat's cheese for a while having realised quite how pungently 'goaty' it smells!

The Curious Cat said...

Do you love cats too? There is a running theme of cats and creativity and cookery in blogs I am finding....