Wednesday, March 25, 2009

feeling sleepy

Maybe I just haven't been able to catch up from the weekend, but I've been ever so sleepy this week. I've woken up every day feeling tired, and thinking that I just cannot wait to get back into my bed at the end of the day. To be fair, I do think this quite a lot. I love sleeping, being in bed, being cosy, pyjamas, pillow spray... what a bummer that the clocks go forward in the UK this weekend - this means one less hour of sleeping.
I woke up this morning with dry patches under my eyes, which meant my eyes just puffed up and I looked like a dragon. I have no idea how this happened, but it really made me feel quite down today, and as a result I had one of those days where I just retreated into myself, and wasn't particularly sociable. Isn't it weird that something so insignificant (in the grand scheme of things) can make you feel so crubbish.

Not much creative output has come from the sleepy monda household this week, just a little run of birthday cards - print and paper:


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hope you feel less tired and more "yourself" soon. Love those cards!

Lucy x

Kitty said...

Oh, those cards look wonderful. Sorry to hear about the sleepiness ... isn't that new Optrex stuff you spray on TOP of your closed eyelids supposed to help with dry eyes? Not sure if it's worth a go?

Take care. x

Rachel said...

I love my sleep too - when the clocks change I don't think of it as one less hour of sleep, I sleep the same amount of time but there is one less hour of awake time! The birthday cards are lovely.

Rubyred said...

Hi Monda,sorry to hear you are feeling crubbish.Hope you feel less sleepy soon!Love the cards.
Rachel x

silverpebble said...

Enjoy your sleep and get as much of it as you can - hope you feel perkier soon Monda and a spot of spring sunshine comes your way. The cards are great. Emma x

emma lamb said...

lovely cards Monda :)

your a girl after my own heart, my favourite place in the world is my bed too, i wish i could spend the entire winter snuggled up under my duvet... ;)

thank you for the well wishes too, everthing is on the mend so hopefully i can get back to some embroidery work next week and make good use of all my new fabric :)

speak soon,

Ali said...

Feel more perky soon, won't you?

Love the cards - the ones on the left me of Eric Carle (which is a very good thing in my book)