Monday, October 01, 2007

monsters and bobble hats

This weekend I did the following:
Bought a pair of shoes even though I was shopping for a pair of boots. They are nice shoes though, and surprisingly for me they have heels. This is the time of year when I can no longer wear flip flops, but every cloud has a silver lining - I can wear jumpers and cosy clothes now. I quite like Autumn as it goes - I like the smell in the air when the leaves have turned brown and have fallen on the ground. I like seeing all the shiny treasures of the conker trees. I like halloween and bonfire night and the smell of fireworks and bonfires in the cold air. If you could describe yourself as a season I would definitely be Autumn.

I also made a new monster - although I think he needs a slight modification. Mr Monda thinks he looks like he's got butt cheeks (!) which was probably not helped by the placing on the name tag - it looked fine before I added the stuffing.
Finally I made my first little hat for the innocent supergran project. I am slightly embarrassed to say that when I eventually got the needles out, my brain also seemed to fall out and I had temporarily forgotten how to knit. I sat there for ages trying to wind wool around needles to no avail. I eventually looked up some knitting instructions, which I knew wouldn't help because I've never been able to follow the written instructions of how to knit. What I really needed was my mum to show me how to do it, but she lives a good 3 hours drive away from me so that really wasn't an option. Eventually I found my brain, and the result was this little hat. Not perfect but not bad either. I'll need to make a few more though, so i'm off to start another one now.
In the meantime, here is something funny I found whilst taking pics of my new monster - a very battered (but much loved by both my cats) cupcake which I posted about a bit further down my blog. It was a worth while investment from paper and string and my moggies love it. I think it looks kind of rustic now :o)


paper-and-string said...

LOL!! that is one rustic cupcake!! it is strangely pleasing to see the stitches are still in place ;-)

i took note of your bobble hat hatometer and have instructed my nan to get knitting...they'll have 400,000 hats in no time!!

I love your new monster and I love your iron on tags too, the bum is funny :-)

sarah xxx

April said...

Your little monster certainly does have butt cheeks; very cute. :)

Your new kitty is beyond precious and could I have her please?

And if the chicken cards in the blog post below don't sell I WANT THEM!!!

sal said...

I've done that - gone out for boots and bought a lovely pair of shoes instead, but then gone out again thought "ooooh I need some boots" and bought boots too! very naughty but most enjoyable - especially when your knitting group has a small sub-group of shoe apprecionists (is that a word?!)

Katy said...

I bought some boots last night (on the internet, where else?!) my mission was to find something ugg like - but not uggs (warm wellies methinks!) for craft fairs in the cold. I found some called eskimo boots and am now rather pleased! I like the monster bum, he does need to poo, after all!

Anonymous said...

I love the new monster and the bobble hat too!