Wednesday, October 24, 2007

pink monsters?

a pink monster might look a bit wrong but this one is for charity so he (or she) really has to be pink. Although I'm not at work this week we are holding a 'pink day' on Friday in aid of breast cancer research
This is a national charity day where everyone wears pink. We have a team challenge whereby each team in the office competes to raise the most amount of money for this charity and this pink monster is my donation for the raffle.

Today I made a really nice dessert in my slow cooker (getting a lot of use as the cooker is still not fixed yet). It was a mixture of apple, plum and cinnamon, with a sponge topping - kind of like a sponge pudding really. It cooked for about 5 hours and mr monda agreed that it was the best thing I'd done today (although he did like the pink monster too). Tomorrow's slow cooking effort will be a sausage casserole :o)

I now have a new carpet on my stairs, that's one more job out of the way and I've also entered my Monsdeer in the holiday softie awards over at softies central

Not a bad day all in all, although the planned shopping trip didn't happen, maybe tomorrow?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

A little 7 year old girl over here thinks pink monster is rather gorgeous! Lucy x

Kae said...

Pink is a very good colour for monsters :D