Thursday, October 25, 2007

still feeling pink

daily blogging is quite difficult, but I said I was going to do it every day this week, so apologies if you are tiring of my tales of what I've cooked in the slow cooker this week.

I went to John Lewis today, and as always I was like a kid in a sweet shop, so many nice things, books and stationery, homewares, kids toys etc. I was looking at a blender thinking 'i really want that'. It was a sexy blender (if you can call kitchen equiptment sexy?), but it had an unsexy price tag - perhaps something for the wedding list (whenever that will be).
What I could afford to buy was several sheets of lovely giftwrap - which I will cut up and use in my cards, this one is really lovely:Also this card, which I just love. I love the cut up collage style art - so simple and yet so effective: and some ribbon which John Lewis sell as gift wrapping ribbon: I raided my button tins and felt scraps when i got home and made a couple of brooches.
Also I popped into work today to drop off the pink monster. A 'name that monster' competition (£1 a go) is happening as we speak - 50 names to choose from so my monster will be making £50 for charity. Impressive indeed. I chose the name today and will tell you what it is tomorrow when the competition is over and the monster has been won :o)

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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

P'raps you could do an online version of your "name the monster" through your shop? I'm not sure if it would work but it could! Lucy x