Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where have I been?

Good question. I have not blogged for over a week (eek). Been super busy this last week (day job) and also feeling a little under the weather with a seasonal cold/sore throat. Next week I am having a well deserved rest - a week off work. It's really going to be a week to catch up - I need to get the oven fixed (I'm really missing it, especially with the colder weather - I feel the need for hot comfort food). I'm also going to get a carpet fitter to fit my new stair carpet - which I probably bought about a year ago, if not longer - it's probably gone out of fashion now!
I might even blog every day - what a luxury and of course read a few blogs too. oh yes, and I'm going to sleep a lot. zzzzzz.

I have been a little bit creative though - I've made a few more innocent bobble hats whilst watching TV in the evening and I've made a wedding card for a colleague - it was quite a big affair this one, and took a fair few hours to create. I hope she likes it.
It's A4 size - I printed the background text and flowers onto handmade paper, and then collaged with photographs, magazine cut outs and machine embroidered the clothing in felt.

I also went to the second week of the origin craft fair in London, which was good, but not as good as the first week, and because I felt a little under the weather I didn't really have much energy for it - which is a real shame.
I'm really struggling at the moment to understand what is happening to all the hours in the day - thank goodness for daylight saving (in a couple of weeks I think). We'll get an hour back - yay!

My latest monster is also in my etsy shop. He's a trunk monster (so called because of his rather trunk like legs) and he's called Sebastian.

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