Friday, October 26, 2007

the end of the week already...

I can't believe this week has gone by so quickly. Christmas will be here before we know it, which reminds me, I need to put the last shipping dates for Christmas onto my etsy shop (will put that on the 'to do' list).

I haven't done very much crafting today but I have finally been shopping, and bought lots of stuff, and the best thing was that I didn't really spend that much money!
Purchases included a really nice pair of grey and pink canvas pumps (aka plimsolls, sand shoes, depending on where you come from) for just £7 in the sale, and a really nice cardigan from good old Primark for £8.

With still a few hours left in the day I'm going to make a couple more brooches, and put a few more bits into the etsy shop. This is one I made last night:
Oh and lastly, the pink charity monster was called Josephine.

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