Wednesday, October 31, 2007

abominable snow monster!

and here it is in all its woolly glory, the abominable snow monster. He's so woolly that you can't really see his body or his tag.Mr monda thinks he's hilarious, and I'm just not sure what I think about him.
I've entered him into the holiday softie awards just for fun really.

Lately I've been quite fascinated by skulls - it could just be the time of year? so I think my next creation will have to incorporate a skull in some way shape or form.
p.s. happy halloween!


Monda said...

It's pretty amazing! I like you stuff. It's very warm, intimate and fun. The amazing thing is that we also have a design-art concept which called - Monda. And we also make some Monda toys. Visit monda.lab blog and see by yourself.

Where is this name came from in your case?

monkee maker said...

I too think this latest monster is hilarious .... but in a good way!

Thanks so much for reserving my last monkee item yesterday! Can you mail me at so that I can give you more details?

Thanks and regards

Katy said...

lol, he is very funny! (in a very good way)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

He is absolutely brilliant! You need to make more like that! Lucy x