Saturday, October 06, 2007

origin 1st week

today I went to the origin craft fair at Somerset House in London, and I came out saying to Mr Monda, 'I could do this' and 'this makes me want to do an M.A.!'.
I did my degree in design crafts - I dropped ceramics after the first year and concentrated on textiles (printed, embroidered and multi-media). Whilst I mull over what it might take for me to do an M.A. i'll tell you about a couple of the designers/artists/crafters that caught my eye today.
Firstly this pic is just a selection the cards i picked up today - mainly so I could go to their websites and find out more about these talented folks.Samantha Bryan is a mixed media artist. I can't copy any of her pics from her website (would be naughty) but check out the link here, its definitely worth it!

This is a pin brooch that I bought from erin hensley. In her words she makes 'handmade originals from repurposed materials'. You can see her website here
Occasionally I have to work at weekends, and tomorrow is one of those days. There won't be much in the way of crafting from me this weekend. If I'm lucky, I might end up making innocent bobble hat number 3, but at least I have the second week of origin to look forward to next weekend :o)


Freshly Found said...

I love Erin Hensley's brooch! What a clever idea! I also enjoy the term "repurposed"! I am off to visit her web sight.

Monkee Maker said...


Thanks for the links, what talented artists - and beautiful statues!

Good luck with any future MBA .... hope you'll still have time for monster making with all that studying!