Monday, October 22, 2007

a week off

Brilliant, a whole week off work for a much needed recharge of batteries, although I'm probably not doing very well as it almost 11.30pm and I'm still up!
I promised myself I would blog every day this week - call it a quest, something to help motivate me not to waste the week. I thought it would be a poor show if I didn't blog on my first full day away from work.

I've spent most of the day doing those jobs that you just don't get around to doing - so I've taken a pair of shoes back to Next which were just a bit too small, I've been to the bank and the post office, I've taken 2 quilted throws into the cleaners, been food shopping, sent my bobble hats off to the folks at innocent, and I've made 2 monsters.
It was a bit too dark this evening to take pics of the monsters so I'll take some pics of them tomorrow and then pop them into the etsy shop.

In the meantime, here is a few pics of some of the bobble hats that I'd made (thanks to the goose for modeling) and finally a pic of cheeky little stevie, who is growing bigger by the minute it seems. She's a bit of a menace at the moment and i feel like we are constantly telling her off for climbing on the table, or jumping on mellie (our other baby cat), or running up the back of my legs (thank god for denim). She's still an angel in cat form though :o)
Tomorrow, I'm going to start the day by putting a stew in the slow cooker, which means I can give myself a good amount of uninterrupted time for making more monsters, and maybe a few other bits and pieces too.

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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That goose is a model model sitting there so patiently - I think she will get a sign up soon! I love the first hat - can you make them me-size too? Lucy x