Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Origin - the London Craft Fair

For years I have visited the chelsea craft fair - run by the crafts council. Chelsea craft fair became Origin last year, and the location has changed but the fair is just as good. If you check out the link you can see a little sneak peak of who is exhibiting this year. I have picked out a couple that I am looking forward to seeing this time (below). The fair runs for 2 weeks and they change exhibitors after the first week. This year it runs from the 2nd-14th October.
I've not been particularly productive over the last week. I've done a few drawings of new monsters I'd like to create and made a stack of cards to sell at work and of course Stevie is keeping me pretty busy - I'm scratched to death, and I fear for me feet if I need to go to the toilet in the night (I swear she waits up to attack them) but she's lovely, and does so much cute stuff, like falling asleep in the box that our new router came in. ahh.


Rubyred said...

Oohh,stevie is so cute!I'd never get any work done I'd be cuddling her all day!

san francisco lauren said...

yay! so glad to have a new blog friend, definitely makes the day a bit brighter :D Your cat is adorable!