Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's all about the cats

I don't have any of my own crafty offerings at the moment, but I was very lucky to be sent this cheeky little kitty from Gila at Strumpfkunst for being her 100th etsy heart I can spend hours trawling around etsy finding lots of things to add to my favourites. I do occasionally buy stuff too.
I wonder if Gila secretly knew about the arrival of my little baby kitten Stevie?
Stevie is so playful and full of energy one minute and completely zonked out the next minute. Yesterday I was doing my best to work from home but stevie just kept climbing on me or on the desk to see me. She's sitting in front of the keyboard now and seems quite mesmerised by me typing. I'm going to try not to post about stevie too much, but please just let me indulge myself for now - she's only been here for a few days and is just constantly doing cute stuff. ahh.
I wish my other baby cat liked Stevie as much as we do - she currently just hisses at her a lot.

5 comments: said...

Oh my gosh, your kitty is precious! And no, I didn't know - but I didn't want to send a monster along, since you do those yourself. :)

Have fun with Stevie - I will go play with my ferrets now.

Rubyred said...

OOhh,Stevie is such a little cutie! I'd never get any work done, as I'd be fussing him all day!

Katy said...

Stevie is far too cute!!!! I pick up my new baby at the end of october, I have been getting progress emails from his old mummy and he is getting nice and fat and more like a kitten, less like a new born. I can't wait to bring him home, but I hope Noo Noo (my older cat is ok with him).
You can post about Stevie every day for my liking - please don't stop!!!!! :-D

Emma said...

Oooooooooh I love Stevie!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her! (Oh and of course I love your monsters too - that goes without saying!) Stevie posts are totally acceptable - however many you fancy doing :o)

sal said...

I was just admiring the lovely red kitty when I scrolled down and oooooooh! what a cute widdle puddy tat! I just love kittens to bits! unfortunatly with my big Tiggy cat being a stroppy cat who objects to anyone getting attention other than her I really can't have one.