Sunday, September 09, 2007

monster moo

I worked out that last month I worked a staggering 73 hours extra in my day job (thats like an extra 2 working weeks), and it looks like September is going to be very similar, so weekends, although precious non working time are pretty much taken up with food shopping, washing and cleaning up. This weekend however I managed to squeeze in a day trip to legoland, and also to make a monster. My ability to make stuff and indeed to blog is limited as a result, but I'm hoping in October I'll be able to take a few weeks off work to recharge my batteries, pay more attention to my crafting and of course my blog.

now to the 'moo'. a few weeks back I ordered some moo cards and they arrived earlier on this week - I was very excited about this but i'm not posting pics of them, Instead I decided to celebrate with a monster moo - you can see him here sporting a new monda loves... tag. I think however that the tag is just a little too big so maybe I'll experiment with folding the next one to see how that looks.
Monster moo will be in my esty shop tomorrow.


the vicious chicken said...

Heehee, Monster Moo is cute :o) I'm impressed that you found time to make him though - I know just how it feels to be so busy sometimes that any 'free' time seems to get taken up with chores. Hope the rest of September isn't too exhausting for you.
VC x

Lucy Locket said...

What a wonderfully scary monster moo! I'm glad there aren't moos like that in any fields near us though! Lucy