Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cats with cupcakes, and kittens!

This is a particularly cat focussed post today, but as these are the best things about my weekend I felt I had to share them.
Some of you have already seen my little baby cat (mellie) in some of my older posts. She's a little bit quirky and sometimes she thinks she is a dog. She's chases things that we throw for her and brings them back, and often moves things around - for example she has taken one of my balls of wool from the living room into my bedroom.
I have a big pile of half made cards, piles of felt and fabric, buttons and the like currently on what is supposed to be a dining table. In one of the piles are card toppers, and some of paper and strings cupcakes. One night this week I saw mellie pouncing on what I thought was probably a poor spider, but no, it was a cupcake!
This has now been declared hers, and she's been intermittently running around the place with it in her mouth, attacking it, or just staring it out. The pics aren't fantastic, but she moves so fast it's quite hard to catch her on camera. I love this picture of her legging it off with the cupcake in her mouth :o) I had to take out the brads incase she swallowed them, but I guess I'll reuse them so it wasn't a total loss.

And something so sweet it would melt the heart of an ice queen. Meet Stevie. Stevie is our second baby cat. Stevie arrived today, and is currently having a kip on the sofa.


paper-and-string said...

well who knew cats liked cupcakes too!!!
what can i say except she has good taste! LOL!
stevie's eyes are SO pretty, what a cutie :-)

Katy said...

lol! I spotted you on paper and string and I can't resist a cat story. What lovely pretty cats :)