Monday, July 28, 2008

feeling hot hot hot!

Well I don't know about where anyone else is, but it is flippin' hot here in the south of the UK. Far be it for me to complain about this heat but I'm complaining! It's just not a nice kind of heat - it is humid and stuffy, and generally quite uncomfortable - especially at night time. Stevie is now out of her cage and can roam the house - a relief for her and us. We cannot unfortunately open the windows more that a couple of inches (in case she escapes) so the house is like a sauna, and me and Mr Monda are like a couple of wilting lettucesThis is not me or Mr Monda - just a very weird pic i found on google images

It's been too hot to be making anything this last weekend - so there's nothing much to show here. I am thinking cold thoughts though, and have signed up to do a craft fair in Oxford in November. It's called handm@de and you can read all about it here - and sign up too if you fancy it (there are still a few places left). It will be in Oxford town hall - a very cool old building and a great space for what promises to be a great craft fair
As I type, it has now started to rain, and the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightening. There's nothing like a good storm to clear the air.


Kitty said...

That photo brings to mind the phrase which my grandma used to use: "I'm not as green as I'm cabbage-looking!"

It's a bit fresher round here now - we had the storms too. But it has just rained on my washing, so I'm not happy!

Glad to hear Stevie is on the mend.


Lesley said...

It really was yucky and sticky yesterday and Moog was hooling at the thunder!!

That looks like a beautiful venue for a craft fair - I hope it's a huge success :)


silverpebble said...

That's rather a spooky picture! Not sure I can look at it for long!

Strange to think of winter/Christmas fairs whilst the weather's so sweltering isn't it? Looks like a great venue though.

Oof, we could do with a storm here tonight -sticky!!