Sunday, August 03, 2008

a black hole of a week

It seems that I have fallen into a black hole this week, which may explain my blog absence over the last week too.
A run down of my week since my last blog:

Tuesday - went to work, then out with friends for a 30th birthday celebration (not mine sadly). Went to the bank but could not get any money because paypal had taken over £1000 out of my account for the fraudulent transactions they themselves had alerted me to! Made angry call to unsympathetic paypal customer services rep. Bought and downloaded an internet security package and virus software as a result.

Wednesday - Went to work. Had a haircut - about 6 inches cut off - went from quite long hair to quite short hair. Took picture of stevie in carrier bag:Thursday - went to work, stayed in the office till quite late, got home and crashed out.

Friday - went to work. Mr Monda went for a Job interview and got offered the job on the same day. Friends coming to visit so had a frenzied clean and tidy of house. Friends brought amazing macaroons in swanky packaging:Went out for a meal with friends, had a few drinks, played scrabble and had a late night.

Saturday - lazy morning with friends, brunch, supermarket, making pirate outfits for nephews 3rd birthday party, wrapping presents for nephews third birthday, making food for nephews 3rd birthday party

Sunday - got up early, dressed up as pirates and went to nephews 3rd birthday party:Got home late (9.15pm) checked emails, seen that I had been featured in an etsy treasury, along with my sister. I don't think that I've ever been in a treasury before :o) very exciting indeed!Also at some point this week - although I don't remember which day, I had a dream where I went to visit a fellow blogger at her house, and we made biscuits together (what on earth does this symbolise I wonder...?). I remember being amazed at all the various luxury ingredients she had in her cupboard. I think I must have had this dream because Gina often blogs about the tasty looking food and cakes that she makes.

I'm going through quite a busy spell at work at the moment, and working a few more hours too - but I need to start making plans for my winter craft fairs/exhibitions, so this week I will definitely be doing a bit more in the way of making, and less in the way of going out.

One last thing for today. Does anyone know where I can buy water based block printing ink?
(Preferably in the UK).


silverpebble said...

A black hole? Sorry if you're down Monda, or maybe you mean that you've disappeared because you've been so busy! What a week! Fabulous to see Stevie looking so jaunty in that lovely pictures and many congrats on being in the Etsy treasury! Hope all is well x

Lesley said...

Phew - no wonder you didn't get chance to blog! Loads of fun though - especially the dressing up as pirates bit :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

This whole school holiday malarky seems to be like a black hole to me! Only I end up very grumpy too! Lucy x

sooziebee said...

Daler Rowney make it and you can buy in Hobbycraft (other craft/art stores also). I have some and it seems fine for lino. Hope thats of some use x

Gina said...

Catching up with blogs after being away and so disappointed to see you visited me when I wasn't here:)
I'll make cakes next time... promise.
Sounds like a hectic week.