Sunday, August 31, 2008

weddings and rain

I've been absent for a few days because our friends were getting married this weekend and it involved a few nights away from home. We set off on our 5 and a half hour car journey on Friday afternoon to the far away distant lands of the north. The north of England in all it's grim and grey glory!
I actually don't think it is 'grim up north' as is so often called - I have quite a liking for northern people and places. I studied in Carlisle (for those without vast UK knowledge, this is about as far north of England as you can get before reaching Scotland) and many of my friends are nothern too. Mr Monda is also from the north, so we really felt quite at home and had a really nice time catching up with friends of old.
This is one of the best pics I took of the bride and groom - just one of those 'catching the moment' pics really - the poor things were totally covered in confetti and glitterWe drove back home today, and I must say, it's nice to be home. There is nothing quite like your own bed is there.
Thankfully we managed to get home missing most of the torrential rain. As I type this the rain is now washing down my road like a river - it has burst the drains and is pooling at the kerbs.

I popped my head out the door to take some pictures - this is the rain reflecting off the flash and in this pic, if you look closely, you can see the splashes bouncing back upI'm off to cram in a bit of sewing now while there is still a few hours left in the weekend :o)


Katy said...

well, I was down South this weekend and it was glorious sunshine. I got in the car, in the hot hot hot, shorts and vest on...and ended up back home in the North in a puddle.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Love that wedding photo - where were you? We've had quite nice weather here - it rained yesterday afternoon and last night but not too heavily and is sunny again now. Hope you got some good sewing done! Lucy x

Charlie P said...

Well, it's certainly grim up north at the moment- we've had about 3 sunny days in total this summer on the Northumberland coast!

silverpebble said...

Love those rain photos 0 i used to imagine the rain splashbacks were fairies when I was little - they would dance so prettily on the puddles! That bride looks lovely and very happy.

Lesley said...

The wedding photo is lovely - glad you had a good time despite the weather.
I can't believe how cold it is!! Brrrr!