Sunday, August 17, 2008

russian dolls, peas and plugs

My swap partner tallulah has now received the russian doll that I made in the recent swaparoo organised by the lovely Katy, so I am safe to show some pics.
I have to say, despite never making anything like this before I actually really enjoyed it. Here she is is all her blue glory:
I had a lot of comments in my last post (thanks) about pea pods and what to do with them. My curiosity got the better of me, and I had to google recipes which use pea pods - I found a couple which I think I would want to make. I may well try this pea pod soup recipe, but I am more drawn to this pea pod curry recipe. Pea pod wine on the other hand really doesn't appeal to me at all.

I have made a couple of purchases of late, and feel it only fair to show my wares and plug these etsy sellers.
This oakleaf keyring by iron oak forgeThese lovely hair grips are from a UK seller called creamroseand this cheeky monkey needs a post all to himself, so that will happen later this week
This afternoon we will be in the garden giving our new tent a test run. Mr Monda put it up in the garden last week whilst watching the DVD of 'how to pitch your new tent' - but we need to do it without the DVD, as we won't be able to take that when we go camping in a few weeks time. I haven't been camping for at least 20 years (when I was in the girl guides) so this will be an interesting experiment. I will be glamping (glam camping) however - I have a blow up mattress and will be taking a duvet and pillows!


silverpebble said...

Lovely purchases you have there and Russian doll is very very sweet! Loving that monkey, but then anything monkey-themed is popular in this house. Interested to hear how the pea pod soup goes,. Emma x

dottydesigns said...

Glam camping is the only way to go!! In my campervan I always take duvets and pillows and all good home comforts. Love the rssian dolly....very sweet.x

Rachelmp said...

I love your Russian Doll. A really great swap and it made me think. Great etsy buys, and I know I have seen that monkey somewhere before....

Lesley said...

Your Russian Doll is gorgeous!! Your swap partner must be thrilled with her.

Very lovely purchases too - can't wait to see more of monkey :)

Good luck with the camping!