Monday, August 04, 2008

letterpress inspires decorating

I'm collecting these:They are part of my grand plan for some wall art for my lounge.
We've decided that we need to decorate our lounge which also means decorating and reordering our spare room (craft work is currently taking place on the dining room table so needs to relocate before decorating can take place).

I've been searching for some inspiration in the colours that we've decided on. Brown and blue:This lovely quilt was made by because I'm me, found on flickr

Regarding my last post - just in case some of you thought I might be feeling down (like silverpebble did), I'm really not - I just had a really busy week. I didn't realise that saying I was in a black hole might have also meant I was having a bad time. All is A-OK in the monda camp :o)


trashalou said...

Glad to hear all is well :)

monkee maker said...

Oh Wow - so much to catch up with!

Sorry to read about how poorly Stevie has been, I hope she's all better now ... it's probably best if she stays out of carrier bags though ... I think there's an age warning with them ...

It was fabulous to see the snap of Mr Monda (nosey so and so that I am), but WHERE ARE YOU?? Especially with your new "do"!

And your new range of jumper monsters look brill - congrats to your and your sis on the treasury.


ps. Good luck with the decorating, the colour scheme looks lovely.

Jodie said...

Love your letterpress and glad to hear you haven't fallen into a black hole really.

Lesley said...

I love your choice of colours and using the letterpress as wall decoration is a fab idea!

That quilt is gorgeous - I need to check out that flickr site.

Huge well done on the etsy Treasury for you both too!!


Louise Batten said...

Mmmm letter press....